Hello! I’m Kirsty Hardiman a Dorset wedding photographer…


…and I’m the face behind Kirsty Hardiman Photography, good to meet you!

Here is a little bit about me, I’ll keep it short and sweet, because to be honest I’m better at taking photos than I am writing.  I first started Kirsty Hardiman Photography officially in 2017 when our twins were born. We already had our Beautiful daughter Olive who was only 2 when the Twins arrived, and returning to my part time job in Shaftesbury, Dorset was no longer a possibility with 3 small ones to look after.  I had been photographing Weddings of Friends for a couple of years previous but was never really brave enough to pursue Photography full time as a career.  Having the Twins pushed me in to making the decision I now wish I’d made years ago! Being a Photographer is my actual dream job! I love photographing Weddings and Families and couples and just people in general to be honest, there is literally nothing I don’t enjoy about my job, it’s the best.

Kirsty Hardiman

Kirsty Hardiman – Family influence

I’d describe myself as a documentary photographer rather than a wedding photographer, and I apply this style throughout all of my Photography, be it weddings or Family Photoshoots, I love the way this style captures your most natural side and kind of tells a story through the photographs too I guess.  I feel inspired by a lot of people that I’ve met or follow through social media, but I also think my Grandfather inspired me very early on with his passion for Photography.  Here he is with a couple of photo’s he took during his time in the RAF in Nepal….